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Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1-- No Cuts, No Decision on Back-up QB yet

The Redskins have not and will not make any cuts until the 6PM deadline on saturday when they have to cut the roster down to 53 players.. The team doesn't want to give any teams any longer then necessary to evaluate their players.. Washington can resign 8 eligible players to their practice squad after they clear waivers on Sunday..
Joe Gibbs said the team will be scanning the waiver wires, the particular need is depth on the offensive line..
When told that New England had already made their cuts, Gibbs laughed and said, "Good, now we have more time to check out their guys."

There is no news on who won the back-up quarterback job.. Gibbs said he would not disclose who the primary back-up is until he speaks with both Todd Collins and Jason Campbell personally.. He spoke glowingly after Collins performance in the Baltimore game and descibed this summer as a growth experience for Campbell leading me to speculate that Collins has the job..
Campbell was supposed to play more then he did during the Ravens game but he suffered a mild hamstring injury and was pulled..

Derrick Frost will be the punter and kickoff man for the opener against Minnesota.. Gibbs said the day of competition from the new punter woke something up in Frost.. the team was very happy with his performance in the Baltimore game as well..

Despite missing badly in the B'more game, having a kick blocked at New England and being wide on two attempts in the Ravens scrimmage, John Hall is "still our guy" according to Gibbs.. The team has no plans to sign any potentially available kickers.. Hall;, for now will only handle field goals..

Rookie safety Reed Doughty missed the Ravens game because his wife gave birth to a child prematurely.. There apparently were some complications with the child but as of today, according to Gibbs things have stabilized and Doughty will be returning to the team some time this weekend.. he was in Colorado with his family.. Obviously, his absence has no bearing on whether he would make the team or not.. Doughty is a bubble player..

With the exception of Clinton Portis and Shawn Springs, Gibbs is fairly certain all the players who missed the Ravens game will be ready for the seaosn opener.. There is uncertainty whether Portis will return to practice next week, Gibbs said it is up to him and how he feels.. The plan is not to have Portis wear anything in the game to support or protect his shoulder, however he likely will wear some form of device in practice to ensure he doesn't re-aggravate it..
Springs is the least likely of the two to be ready for Minnesota but the team is not currently ruling him out..

Other then cuts, the team is off until Tuesday when they begin practice in earnest for the Vikings..


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