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Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7th-- Noi suspension for Taylor, Patten is back

S Sean Taylor was fined four game checks as a result of his plea bargain in the case from last summer where he was alledged to have pulled a gun on a person he believed stole an ATV from him in Miami.. Taylor was not suspended for any games.. If Taylor does not have any more trouble on or off the field over the course of the season, he will recoop some of the money, according to sources that would be equal to two of the game checks..
Taylor had no comment unless you count some kind of strange mumbling he gave reporters when asked about it.. Joe Gibbs only said that he was glad this is all behind everyone..

T Jim Molinaro twisted his knee during 1 on 1 drills in practice.. He was taken off the field and is having an MRI done.. The team believes he possibly tore the meniscus in his left knee, if so, he will ahve a scope procedure and be off the practice field for a period of time, that will be determined following the results of the tests..

CB Carlos Rogers was held out of practice again dealing with a sore back.. he may do some individual work tomorrow but is not expected to participate in full team drills.. There seems to be minor concern of this lasting..

S Dennard Wilson (Maryland) tore the meniscus in his knee, he will have a scope on Wednesday, after which it will be determined when he can come back..

WR David Patten took part in his first practice of camp, he was out all last week with viral meningitis.. he described it as having a constant migraine headache for 3 days that was impossible to alleviate.. he had fevers and a neck so stiff he was unable to bend it.. Patten says he feels fine and reiterated his hope to compete with the newcomers at WR in the hopes of not becoming an afterthought in the offense.. Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders both credited Patten for his wherewithall this offseaosn in handling the acqusitions of Antawn Randle-El and Brandon Lloyd.. he says he knows he is a week behind the other receivers but vows to make his presence known in the competition this summer..
Patten says he hopes to be allowed to play in the pre-season opener on Sunday but say that will be up to the coaches, right now everyone is taking it slowly..

Punter Derrick Frost defended his play from a year ago saying, "I know I wasn't the best punter in the league, but I only had one kick which really hurt my team." He also said that he knows he doesn't have the booming type punts, but the average yardage is overrated as he explained that he was a part of the league's second best coverage unit.. Frost averaged 59 yards per punt in his three attempts on Saturday against Baltimore and is now an early front runner in the punting race after Aussie David Lonie had a rough day..

Asked about how much he needs to see Mark Brunnell play this pre-season, Al Saunders called his system player friendly and that the ammount of reps in the pre-season will be left up to feel between he and the QB.. Joe Gibbs reiterated that Jason Campbell is going to play a lot and told me, like Saunders he is confident that Brunnell doesn't need a lot of reps despite the implemntation of a new offense.. Essentially, the team is not going to show their cards unless practice proves that the O needs the reps..

One practice note, Mark Brunnell hit the ground for the first time when Joe Salave's jumped offsides on an 11 on 11 play and knocked the QB over.. It had a keystone cops feel to it and brought a giant laugh from the crowd..

The team was in shorts thus once again, very minor hitting took place.. Again, the Skins seemingly are using the practices more for conditioning and execution that pure hitting..

Other injured players who did not participate in the practice: S Curry Burns (hamstring), TE Robert Johnson (ankle), DL Manaia Brown (groin), DE Nic Clemons (brusied knee), DT Anthony Montgomery (left hamstring), TE Calen Powell (quad).. None of these injuries are considered serious..


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