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Monday, March 27, 2006

Redskins Re-Sign Dockery, Lavar still visiting

Former Skins linebacker LaVar Arrington is expected to meet with the Dolphins for a second time.. He has visited Jacksonville, who are believed to want his price tag to go down before they would seriously consider signing him.. Arrington is hoping for a deal similar to the one Julian Peterson signed with Seattle worth 54 million over 7 years..
Arrington is also expected to visit with the Bengals who he has had conversations with but yet to actually visit..
The Dolphins, Jaguars, Bengals and Giants appear to be most likely desatinations but sources say he is constantly fielding calls from numerous teams.. Miami, Jax and Cincy are currently the front runners, all seemingly are waiting to figure out the bottom line price..

The Skins resigned guard Derrick Dockery meaning their offensive line will return in tact..
The team inked two veteran O-linemen over the weekend to add depth and replace the retired Ray Brown.. Mike Pucillo formerly played for the Browns and can play guard or center.. Tyson Walter was a former spot starter for the Texans..

The inital portion of the NFL schedule was released, Washington will open it's season on Monday night, September 11th 7PM against the Vikings at Fed Ex Field.. The team is not playing on Thanksgiving Day as previously reported.. Dallas is hosting Tampa Bay during the triple-header..

Washington remains in the market for a back-up D-Tackle, Linebacker and cornerback.. None will be in a high end price range..

Washington was awarded a compensatory 7th round draft pick in next month's draft.. It will be #250, this for losing free agents a year ago.. The Redskins now have seven draft picks, 2nd round #52 overall, 5th round, 3 6th rounders (Trades of Patrick Ramsey and Rod Gardner) and two 7th rounders..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

4 teams chase LaVar

While there are numerous teams interested in LaVar's services, it appears as if there are four main suitors with one likely to land the former Redskins linebacker possibly by the weekend..

Cincinnati, Miami, The Giants and Jacksonville, with Jacksonville being described as a significant suitor..

Friday, March 17, 2006

Redskins Deal Ramsey to Jets

The Redskins have dealt quarterback Patrick Ramsey to the New York Jets for a 6th round draft pick in next month's draft.. The team has received interest from Tampa Bay, the team initially had been hoping to get a fourth rounder for Ramsey..
The Buccaneers then entertained a visit from former Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks after the Jets came forward with the 6th..

Ramsey's trade saves the Skins approximately 1.7 million their salary cap.. Ramsey will also be off the Redskins cap books following this season as this was the final year of his contract..

The Skins also came to terms with free agent DE Demetric Evans on an undisclosed contract..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More suitors for Ramsey

Saying "We are not going to just give him away, we would have just kept him," A Redskins source told me the Skins are continuing to shop Patrick Ramsey.. The latest teams to express interest are the Buccaneers and Bengals.. Ramsey is expected to visit TB soon.. Miami has an interest after cutting Gus Frerotte according to the cource and of course the Jets remain in the mix who are hoping to land Matt Schuab in a deal for John Abraham from the Falcons..

The Redskins describe their interest in Abraham as "not serious," that they wanted Andre Carter first and foremost, once he was signed, the Redskins recused themselves form tarde talks involving the Jets franchise player..

The Redskins are "done" making big signings this offseason, however, the team will still work toward adding depth, a G/C, DT and CB.. The team remains interested in resigning free agent DE Demetric Evans.. Joe Gibbs says the team is focussed on finding a replacement at LB too.. Lemar Marshall could play either middle on Lavar Arrington's weak side position..

A source tells me the talks with the Bengals are serious between Arrington and that team and that him ending up there is a "very real possibility."

Joe Gibbs says the team is comfortable with their punter and kicker.. John hall however may not end up performing kickoffs this year, that duty could be passed on to P Derrick Frost..

Gibbs described the Redskins front office as in a "panic mode" when Carter left to vsiit Denver, constantly text messaging him and his agent.. Carter went to Denver for "personal reasons." His dad Ruben played 12 seasons for the Broncos, he also was a short term assistant coach here.. Carter said he knew after meeting with the Broncos that he preferred to be here and knew he was risking losing the deal with Washington so he made his mind up quickly..

Carter was an outside LB in the 49ers 3-4 scheme, he said he would have welcomed a return to SF if the team wanted him to be a DE.. He says he prefers the position although he is willing to be versatile.. The Skins plan on using him as a DE, Renaldo Wynn likely will be used more on the interior particularly during passing downs to allow Carter and Phillip Daniels to man the end positions..

The Redskins prefer free agency over the draft, never more exemplified then Gibbs saying after today's press conference: "You don't want to panic heading into the draft feelng like you have to draft for a particular position.. We'll be relaxed heading into the draft."

On how the Skins became cap strapped to major free agent players: One source simply said it was all about the CBA being extended.. Some of the restructures from veteran players were processed to aalleviate the cap issue, but the cource tells me not all of them were necessary..
Joe Gibbs said: " We don't do one thing that no one else could do. They CHOOSE not to. Some say why not spend on the guys on your team. We do that, but then again, look at the guys who are on our team. When things are layed out over a 3-4 year spreadsheet, you see the breakdowns in front of you.. What happens is, other teams choose to operate differently, but that is their option. There is a misrepresentation that Dan Snyder just has a lot of money so he spends it. If there were no cap rules, he'd spend more."

Gibbs said he has spoken to both David Patten and James Thrash about the new receivers and explained to them that he believes the core is better off with the additions and that both are expected to continue to contribute. As for Taylor Jacobs, there appears to be no belief he will be released immediately.. Gibbs called it a "very competitive" situation that he is in now..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Redskins cotninue shopping, lose Clark

The Skins lost a second free agent as safety Ryan Clark has a signed a 4 year deal with the Steelers...

The team did re-up with special teamer/linebacker Khary Campbell today.. They also have added former Chiefs back-up Todd Collins signing him to a one year deal.. This clears the path for Patrick Ramsey to be dealt..

The team also officially announced the signing of former 49ers D end/LB Andre Cater to a 6 year 30 million dollar deal.. he will be introduced at Redskin Park at a 10:30 AM news conference..

There have been rumors of a deal including Ramsey and a variety of picks to the Jets for DE John Abraham.. Redskin officials I spoke too called this "news to me" and a "hefty price to pay" With the signing of Carter, the Skins likely take themselves out of the running for Abraham..

Depth will be the next order of business for Washington, a veteran interior offensive lineman, DT, CB and potentially an LB will be the spots to wtahc from here forward.. Former Dolphins kicker Olindo Mare was released adding him to the available crop of kickers.. the Skins still have John Hall on the roser..
Punter could remain a spot to watch as well..

Monday, March 13, 2006

Skins Sign Archuletta

The Redskins signed former Rams safety Adam Archuletta to a deal that guarantees him 10 million.. Length of the deal was not disclosed at this time..

Former starter Ryan Clark remains an unrestricted free agent.. The team remains interrested in signing him, but obviously that will only come at the right price..

Free agent DE/LB Andre Carter left town without a deal and is expected to visit with Denver.. The Broncos are reportedly close to making a deal with the Jets for franchises D-end John Abraham, if they get him, Carter will be available and the Redskins could then end up signing him..

Depth on the O-line in the form of a back-up C/G plus depth at CB are two more targets of free agency for Washington.. The team will also ink a third string quarterback, possibly former Chiefs back-up Todd Collins..

DE Demetric Evans remains an unrestricted free agent as well, the team had said they would be interested in retaining him as well..

The signing of Randle-El and trade for Lloyd suggest the Redskins will utilize more 3 WR sets this season as opposed to the last two under Gibbs.. David Patten and James Thrash likely are the otehr two to round out the WR core maning Taylor Jacobs is a potential cut.. Jacobs is cheap, still playing under a rookie contract thus they could keep him and allow him to attempt to win a job in training camp.. Thrash is practically untouchable due to his specila teams play.. Jacobs is no slouch on teams as well, so it is possible he could beat out Patten, but unlikely considering his performance a season ago..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Skins land Randle-El, Fauria, continue shopping

A day after acquiring Brandon Lloyd for a pair of mid round draft picks from the 49ers, the Redskins bolstered their receiving core by signing former Steelers WR Antwaan randle-El.. The deal is for 6 years..

The skins lost TE Robert Royal to the Buffalo Bills, but today signed 11 year veteran Christian Fauria to an undisclosed deal..

49ers DE Andre Carter and Rams safety Adam Archuleta were both at Redskin Park over the weekend and both were with representatives of the team at the Wizards/Pistons game over the weekend.. Should the team be unable to resogn Ryan Clark, likely Archuletta would be a target, with the release of Matt Bowen, he could be brought in either way..

Carter is the top target for help with the pass rush after Trevor Price signed with Baltimore and the price tag a first round pick for John Abraham which the Skins don't own..

A deal between the Jets and Redskins for quarterback Patrick Ramsey is very close to be being finalized according to sources, Washington is going to receive a pair of picks, one this year and a conditional pick next season that will be dependent on how much Ramsey plays for the Jets..

Depth at corner, O-line and potentially linebacker will be targets as free agency continues.. The Skins obviously will need a third string quarterback as well..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Redskins acquire Lloyd

The Redskins obtained WR Brandon Lloyd from the 49ers for this year's 3rd round draft pick and a 4th round draft pick in 2007.. Expect the Redskins to get out of the race for free agent Antwan Randle-El..

Friday, March 10, 2006

Skins Makes Cut to get Under Cap

S Matt Bowen, DT Brandon Noble, P Tom Tupa, CB Walt Harris and C Cory Raymer were all cap cuts made by the Washington Redskins today.. The savings are nearly 7 million on their cap.. With the restructured deal/release of LaVar Arrington and the restructured deal of Mark Brunnell, the Skins are at the very least now, some 3 million udner the cap of 102 million..
9 other veterans had agreed to restructure, how many of those were put into effect thanks to the extension of the collective bargaining agreement is unknown, what is certain is the Skins do have room to spend when free agency begins tonight...

The team also announced the resigning of running back Rock Cartwright, terms were not disclosed.. Also, the team tendered contracts to restricted free agents, LB Chris Clemons, G Derrick Dockery and CB Ade Jimoh.. Their rights are now retained and if any of them are to sign with another team, the Redskins would be due compensation varying dependent on which player gets a deal.. The Redskins plan on keeping all 3..
The team is also going to attempt to reisng their own restricted free agents, S Ryan Clark, TE Robert Royal and DE Demetric Evans..

The NY Post syas a deal for Patrick Ramsey with the jets is close, Washington would receive a 5th rounder in next month's draft and a conditional pick in the 2007 draft that could be as high as a 3rd rounder if Ramsey meets playing time criteria with New York..

Monday, March 06, 2006

LaVar's release and other free agency news

LaVar Arrington forfeitied a little over 4 million dollars to gain his release by the Redskins now as opposed to after June First and enter the free agent market as soon as it opens..

Arrington was given two choices, reowrk his contract now and receive a guaranteed payment (undisclosed) to stay with the Redskins next year.. Though Joe Gibbs didn't say it, essentially Arrington would have had to accept a massive pay cut to stay, or the team was willing to do what they did, accept a buy out by Arrington in return for his freedom.. Otherwise, the team would essentially have held onto Arringotn until after June 1st, and release him then avoiding a 6.5 million dollar roster bonus and limiting the cap hit he'd force on them until 2007..
Arrington chose the latter, he didn't "pay" to get out of his deal, he did what was in his best interest to recoop all the money at the outset of the free agent market..
The team does still owe Arrington a payment of 1.2 million likely to be sent next month..

The Redskins have gotten 10-12 players to renegotiate their deals to provide cap relief, some will be dependent on necessity, i.e., whether the team needs the ammount of cap space necessitated without an extension of the CBA.. Mark Brunnell, Randy Thomas, Clinton Portis, Renaldo Wynn, Arrington and Shawn Springs have publicly acknowledged restructured deals...
There are a few cuts likely coming either way with Gibbs not saying who those will be but said each of his players have been apprised of their situations regardless of the collective bargaining talks..

The team also has to tender deals to restricted free agents namely Chris Clemons and Derrick Dockery, both will be attempted to be retained..
Washington also has free agents in Rock Cartwright, Robert Royal and Ryan Clark, Clark being the priority..

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Arrington No Longer a Redskin

LaVar Arrington has worked out an agreement to be released by the Redskins and become a free agent when the signing period begins. In return, the Redskins received what is being described as muchneeded salary cap relief.. The team was scheduled to pay him a 6.5 million dollar roster bonus in July that was assumed to be either adjusted or forcing his release.. The cause for release is unknown but liekly is based in Arrington waiving a portion of his unpaid signing bonus as to avoid it from accelearting onto this year's cap..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st-- Some Cap Relief already taken place

Skins announce Mark Brunnell did renegotiate his contract contrary to published reports suggesting otherwise...

Team sources told me as well that "a number of established players have stepped up to the plate and showed their true colors." Meaning, a number of vets have agreed to renegotitae their deals as well as the cap crunch approaches.. The team was non-specific about who, but that information will likely be revealed after the colective bargaining impasse is reached one way or another... Washington is approximately 17 million over the cap if all things stay equal and no extension of the current CBA is reached.. There is belief that if a deal is reached to extend then Washington could be as little as 5-7 million over the cap which would be easily navigated through the release of a few key veterans...