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Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28-- Lloyd speaks, Brunell won't be dealt, Campbell's drawl

Joe Gibbs says he expects to have a deal with S Laron Landry “any minute.” Landry missed both the practices of the first two-a-day of camp as his contract continues to be hammered out.. There is one lone practice tomorrow at 4PM..

Asked about the growing rumors that Atlanta might be interested in QB Mark Brunell, Gibbs said he has not received any calls from the Falcons and intimated the team wouldn’t be interested in any deal, “I’d say we like our quarterbacks..”

TE Tyler Ecker has a pulled groin, his status is undetermined but he likely won’t practice tomorrow..

LB HB Blades was held out of the afternoon practice after cramping in the morning sessions.. Same goes for Defensive end Bryant Shaw..

G Randy Thomas was held out of both practices of the day, he is resting his knee and may continue to rest it periodically through the early parts of training camp..

S Pierson Prioleau has been the starter during 11-11 drills with the absence of Landry and looks like he is back to full speed.. he tore an ACL on the opening kickoff of the regular season and missed the year.. He says physically he is 100% and feels as fast as in the past.. Mentally, he told me there is still some apprehension but he says it’s nothing that won’t be fixed after a couple of live plays in the pre-season..

Gibbs described the day as very sloppy for the offense.. There has been little spark for the offensive unit and Jason Campbell it is safe to say is off to a slow start at camp..

In my opinion, the start to camp doesn’t have that ferocious feeling I suppose I expected when the coaches talked so openly about making this a more strenuous camp.. The team has yet to wear a full uniform through three practices, they have worn shoulder pads for all three but hitting as you might imagine is extremely limited.. So it appears there remains a balance of being safe and getting the team in shape.. This is not a brutal camp, the only difference from last year appears to be the amount of extra practices the staff added..

WR Brandon Lloyd spoke to the media for the first time since last year, he had a self imposed media blackout through the OTA workouts.. Lloyd looks considerably larger in terms of muscle mass and said he used a personal trainer to work out six times a day.. He says he will be playing at about 8 pounds heavier and says he is no longer using camp to get in shape because he’s getting older now..

When asked about being the #3 receiver, Lloyd said the team has numerous three wide packages and that “many passes would come his way.” And he is only interested in improving his output from last year by doing “whatever the team needs.”

Asked about last year and what happened (the few catches, no touchdowns, the benching) he said next to nothing claiming he “didn’t know” what happened..

There were a couple of strange exchanges today, one reporter asked Al Saunders about dealing with Jason Campbell’s difficulty with enunciating the plays.. The question wasn’t meant racially, at least it didn’t come off that way.. But it was too easy to assume it might have been and have been using it as material all afternoon..

Amazingly, during the Lloyd presser, this new reporter I’ve never met actually asked Lloyd about Jason Campbell’s improvement in “enunciating” the plays in the huddle.. Lloyd also didn’t take it as a Black/White question and said the whole team understands the offense better..

This was the most absurd line of questioning I’ve heard since Kwame Brown was asked the day he was drafted by the Wizards by one reporter how he “got to be so well spoken?”

Listen, Campbell has a Southern accent but I’ve never had a problem understanding him.. This is worth looking into since it was a line of questioning, but it borders on bizarre..

Saunders said Brett Favre got a speech coach when he was young because guys couldn’t understand his Louisiana Twang..

OK men..


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