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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25-- Landry news and the CB's

Laron Landry, the Skins lone unsigned draftee might have a deal done as early as tomorrow.. I stress that there is no deal parameters in place just a suggested confidence from the guys I have spoken to at the park that there is not a lot of concern of getting a deal done before the start of camp on Friday. Landry is not alone in being a potential holdout, as of right now there are only 5 signed first round draft picks.. The league needs to address this in their next round of the collective bargaining agreement to maybe put a cap on rookie salaries, offer restricted free agency sooner and allevaite themselves the annual bickering over how much of an increase does the 6th overall choice get from last year's 6th overall choice who doesn't play the same position as the last guy picked..

Cornerback preview: Shawn Springs when healthy is among the best CB's in the league (my opinion of course) but probably not far from reality. Now at his advanced age and injury history, it's hard to expect Springs to remain a full go for 16 games, but to his credit, and partially because he thought he was going to be released, Springs spent an inordinate ammount of time with hsi personal trainer in Arizona.. He needed to get himself in remarkable shape in case he was a free agent and obviously in line for only one more potentially big contract.. Springs was asked to take a pay cut after his injury riddled 2006 season, he called the Skins bluff and after Washington failed to land Dre Bly when Detroit sent him to Denver instead, the Skins were left without a replacement top CB.. So Springs returns without a change to his expanding cap number.. This is likely the final year for him in DC, but then again I thought that after last year.. Of course if a deal for Ble was accomplished, he would have been released.. Springs knows all this but appeared to have handled it as professionally as possible..
Number 2 is a toss up right now, back comes Fred Smoot off a borken jaw that ended his second year in Minnesota early and a dirty boat experience that soured his stay in his first year with the team.. Smoot is back home and back among the media who like talking to him for his odd southern drawl and penchant for sound bytes.. The Redskins decision to let Smoot go as the Vikings overpayed proved to be true.. Now that he's back at a lower salary, all be it not on the cheap, Smoot will need to prove he can still be a number 2..
He's fighting Carlos Rogers for that spot.. Rogers is a physical corner, same as Smoot and Springs, why they are all well liked by Gregg Williams, but his cover skills were certainly at issue last year and he certainly did not necessarily step up as the number one when Springs missed time due to a sports hernia.. Rogers is under pressure now to perform..
The fourth corner should be an interesting battle as well, Jeremetrius Butler was brought in from St. Louis after 2 long years with injuries.. He's a long shot to make it because of the injury history, however this was a guy the team signed to a deal as a restricted free agent a few years back only to have St. Louis match.. They've had their eye on him for some time..
David Macklin comes in from Arizona, he should provide some depth as a back-up and is a more likely solution then Butler, but if Butler regains his form and appears healthy, Macklin might be in trouble.. Ade Jimoh is a special teams standout and a liability when playing defense.. But his special teams work has helped him keep his job since Spurrier was coach.. Joe Gibbs loves teams, don't underestimate it..
John Eubanks was a practice squader who was promoted to the main roster at the end of the season due to injury.. Leigh Torrence is another newcomer they like and Byron Westbrook, brother of Eagles RB Brian has a shot to impress as an undrafted free agent.. I don't expect any of these young guys to make the team unless there is a rash of injuries..
Corner is a flux position, some teams keep four, some five, I'm guessing with the question marks after Rogers I assume the team keeps five, if for no other reason due to injury history of Springs and questions of reliability for the 3-5 positions..
Springs, Smoot and Rogers are locks, I am going with Macklin right now and Jimoh but Butler has a real shot, he just has to show his injuries are behind him..
I would expect either Eubanks or Westbrook to make the practice squad as well..

OK men.. Redskins Lunch returns tomorrow from 12-1.. Joe Gibbs will be joining us weekly this fall..


Blogger Steve Owens said...

Why haven't the Skins pushed Jimoh to be a Safety with all the questions there, especially last year? He seems to have the size and unquestionably has the speed. His teams play indicates he can hit.

2:43 PM  

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