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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24-- The DL and Vick news

From the folks I spoke with who are not in the Atlanta organization, but are in the know, Michael Vick won't be playing football again for the Falcons.. None of these people would I consider a firm source for information as such, but it's enough to put it into this blog.. Vick was going to be suspended by the Falcons, the league talked them out of this for whatever reason because they could slap a much harder punishment on the ATL QB..
What would be quite interesting is if Vick is available come next off-season having served all possible punishments and the Redskins aren't singing the jason Campbell praises.. Would Vick be a possibility here? Hmmmmm...

Onto the Skins, lets preview the DL, probably the most interestingly ignored unit on the team.. Injuries have saddled Cornelious Griffin the past two seasons, it is my belief that Joe Salave'a will not make this team and if he does, he is the back-up to the back-up to the back-up, his body is done with this business..
So Kedric Golston, who's been getting rave reveies for his off-season workouts is the prime candidate to get the nod as the starter oppostie Griffin.. Golston was a nice find last year as a 6th round pick, great motor, very aggressive and obviously wanst to learn..
Anthony Montgomery lost some weight this off-season, pudgy might be the best way to describe him a year ago.. Golston's aggressiveness also placed Montgomery in the unenviable position of trying to prove something agianst his draft mate.. This ultimately is a good thing and apparently motivated Montgomery, problem is, no one knows if he can actually play.. We'll find out this summer, he and Golston figure to see a lot of reps..

At DE, Phillip Daniels retursn healthy, or so they want you to believe, lets see the guy had surgery on just about every major joint, this past off-season specifially to one wrist and two ankles.. That doesn't sound good.. He plays hurt and can be a force when healthy, but that seems like an illogical assumption at this point of his career..
The team loves Andre Carter, they like the idea of being smaller but certainly faster on the edge.. Carter is a workout machine, he also is not exactly an everydown end without a stout middle, that's where Golston, Montgomery and Griffin need to hold up their end of the bargain.. On stretch plays, the team likes Carter's range, run right at him, and yikes..
Renaldo Wynn took a paycut and figures to be the team's primary back-up for one last season.. Wynn has never been a major prodcuer, but he's a well respected leader and one of the so called "core Skins" He also is not a selfish player and understands his time has passed even on a team that needs DL help.. I expect him to make the roster and be a fill in guy, possibly a DT if the two young guys don't step up..

Guys to watch, Chris Wilson came from the BC Lions.. In 18 games for the Grey Cup champs, he had five sacks.. The team is atking a flyer here, but they need to take some and hope they work out..
Justin Hickman is a smallish end out of UCLA that the team had some buzz about when they got him as an undrafted free agent, he has a shot.. Demetric Evans understands his role on the defense, which gives him an edge over the newcomers, but this team obviously needs difference makers and he may never be one.. I give the nod now on expereince, someone starts flashing some promise and demetric could be looking for a job..The only thing I know about jamal Green is he is from the U, which on this team obviously means something..
Ryan Boschetti has stuck on the team for a couple of seasons, they like his motor, Golston has surpassed him, he's a longshot..
The "Who?" awards go to Lorenzo Alexander out of Cal and Jared Clauss out of Iowa..

Local guy done good so far is Alex Buzbee out of Georgetown.. He's the Gregg Williams keeper so far, lighter then his listing at 265, probably more like in the 240's so we'll see if he can hold up.. Plus G'Town football doesn't typically pipeline pro players in this sport so this is a real flyer, but the team really liked what they saw during rookie camp and he figures to have a shot at practice squad bare minimum..

So If I had to guess right now, Daniels, Carter, Griffin, Golston and Montogmery are locks.. Wynn is close to a lock.. I'll take a flyer on Hickman and Buzbees as potential ends of the future and give Evans an edge as a vet..

Bottom line here though is this spot could have and in my opinion should have been addressed during the off-season, the team passed on every DT available in the draft and every DE except Gaines Adams to take Laron Landry.. Nothing against Landry but this team has an expensive secondary that might be left hung out to dry without a pass rush..
The Skins brought in no one of note to even compete for the jobs left by a line that was horrible against the run and 31st overall.. The coaches love this group, Greg Blatche has openly talked about the charcter and will of these guys.. This is beyond moral support though, this is a firm declaration by this organization that they believe last year was an anomoly for this group.. The addition of London Flecther at middle linebacker should help the run schemes and the team is looking to scheme people to him, more on that in the coming weeks..
But the line represents what appears to be the biggest weakness of this team.. There are two predominant questions heading into 2007, is jason Campbell as good as the team is suggesting he'll be? And, did the Redskins blow their chances of having a competitive defense by not addressing an aging injured defensive line?

OK men, see ya tomorrow.. Redskins Lunch returns to Triple X ESPN Radio, ESPN Radio 950 in Richmond and 102.1 FM the Game in VA Beach starting Thursday at Noon.. So tomorrow is the last Bram Weinstein show for a while.. Sad.. For me at least..

I'll also be posting a total Skins preview article on soon and will have some redesigned site features very very soon..
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What kind of country is this when a dog or ANY animal's life is placed above a human being's? And for PETA advocates PLEASE. How often do we hear of a person getting prison time for harming an animal but if a child is molested or God forbid murdered after the crime the accused is given all the
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Mike is merely a big target that still hasn't risen to the height of this crass sport he's accused of taking part in. He's just as Emmitt Smith said, the biggest fish with the highest profile, as soon as some politician or CEO
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