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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16-- LB coach Dale Lindsay is Fired

The Redskins have fired linebackers coach Dale Lindsay after 3 years with the team.. Lindsay had a very terse relationship with LaVar Arrington in the two seasons he was in Washington.. The two had to be separated during the regular season finale in the locker room at the end of the 2005 season.. Lindsay publicly hinted that Arrington didn't know the defense and ultimately was a freelancer, something the Gregg Williams group is no supposed to be...
Arrington never publicly talked about Lindsay other then to admit the two had a difficult relationship.. One of the people close to Arrington blamed Lindsay for much of the eventual falling out between he and the organization.. Arrington's main issues occurred before Lindsay came when he and the team got into a contract snafu over a 6.5 million dollar bonus that Arrington beleives the team ommitted from the final deal, a clause the team claims was never part of the deal.. His agent Carl Poston was suspended by the players union mainly over how he handled this situation..

This year, the Redskins spent their top pick, even moved up in the second round to select Rocky McIntosh out of the University of Miami.. He never started until Marcus Washington was injured and forced Warrick Holdman to move to the string side.. McIntosh indeed played spraingly until the final few weeks.. Lindsay told me mid season that "Roger" would play when he learns the defense..

Lindsay was staunch and unabashed.. He also was very honest.. he spoke rarely but when he did he never pulled punches.. There is no word on who will replace him on the defensive coaching staff.. As of now, he is the only coach who has left or been relieved of his duties following the 5-11 season..


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