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Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 28-- Archuletta Speaks

S Adam Archuletta speaks.. He said (which I don’t have on tape as it happened as I was making my way to his on and off group session) was that he didn’t appreciate being lied to.. Exactly what he means by that will come forward in the coming days/weeks.. Archuletta said he would discuss his future when “the time is appropriate.” Asked if he was told he would play a different position when he signed then he ultimately was asked to play, Archuletta laughed and said it was not the time to go into any of those subjects.. he also wouldn’t commit to his future here saying he has thought about every aspect of his life over the last 6 months and it will “be a fun process learning from the experience.”

Joe Gibbs joked that if next year is going to be like this year, “I don’t want to sign up for that.” He says he is open to anything different this coming off-season including allowing some players to conduct their own personal workouts, something the team wasn’t particularly in favor of the last two years.. He said he will study what other teams do in the league and is open to anything that he believes would help better prepare the team for 2007..

Gibbs said he is hoping to be able to retain guard Derrick Dockery, the main free agent the Redskins have coming up this offseason.. He also continued to talk about retaining the core.. Obviously the large cap numbers on defense will have a lot of determination on what the make-up of the roster is specifically on the D..
Mark Brunell declined to discuss the future for him saying “we have one game left to play.”

LB Marcus Washington says he will not need surgery for his sprained knee and that after 2-3 more weeks of rehab he should be back to full strength..
Trainers say it will be more like 4-6 weeks and then he will be back..

CB Shawn Springs will have an MRI done to look at his fracture scapula.. It is the same injury he suffered in ’03, what trainers believe is that when it was repaired, there may not have been a good “fiberous union” between the bone, whatever that means.. Anyway, as of now, there doesn’t appear to be necessity for a surgical procedure to fix the injury, only rest.. he would need a couple of months and then he could start lifting weights again.. It’s possible after tests though that surger could be necessitated..

Skins injury report for NYG: No changes except for S Troy Vincent who returned to practice after missing Wednesday sick, he is now off the injury report and will play Saturday night.. LB Khary Campbell was the only player to miss practice on Thursday, he is questionable with a hamstring injury..

Today was the last practice of the season, the final press conference by Gibbs is expected to be on New Year’s Day..


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