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Monday, August 28, 2006

August 27-- NE wrap, first round of cuts

Offensive players are saying that the offense the team is running in pre-season games is very different from the more motion filled thing they are running in practice.. Joe Gibbs doesn’t believe that this is anexcuse for the offensive woes of the pre-season saying the team is running some sound stuff, they need to execute it better.. Gibbs said he is looking at himself, as everyone should be doing in order to try to find a way to dig out of this summer hole…

Gibbs said he is not second guessing the shorter/lighter camp that the Redskins chose to run, but he could see where it could be perceived as a problem right now..

Gibbs did praise the play of Mark Brunell saying he did some good things on film.. He appeared indecisive at times, he was sacked three times in the first half alone and ended up with only 20 passing yards in the first half.. Gibbs did say the second team players missed blitz pick-ups which can’t happen.. he said the starters had problems with a couple of stunts the Patriots ran at them..

Gibbs said Derrick Frost has to be more consistent, but refused to speculate whether the Redskins will bring in a new punter to compete with him for the job.. Frost is currently the only punter on the roster after the team released David Lonie…

The only injury of note from the NE game was DE Renaldo Wynn who sprained his ankle.. He believed he was the victim of a horse collar play.. The rule doesn’t stipulate any penalty if this technique is used on a defensive player, it is designed to crack down on the dangerous tackles on runners..

There is no word whether Cornelious Griffin, Clinton Portis or Phillip Daniels will practice this week.. Portis won’t play in the pre-season finale, I’m unsure about the status of Daniels and Griffin.. Shawn Springs is not expected to play against the Ravens either..

Asked if he thinks the offensive players will know if the offense is fixed for the Minnesota game before the season opener, Ladell Betts responded by saying “That’s a good question.”

Gibbs continues to profess the “we are all in this together mantra” taking the blame himself for the overall effort.. he expected a better performance this week after the intensity was ratcheted up following the Jets loss.. He continues to believe the veteran leadership of this team will ultimately pull everyone through.. And of course, they may be 0-3, but after next weekend, they are 0-0..

Players who have been released: P David Lonie, K Tyler Jones, OL Jim Jones, OL John Alston, TE Robert Johnson, LB Kevin Simon, DT Chris Mineo, DE Karon Riley, CB Aric Williams, S Antuan Eduards, QB Casey Bramlett, TE Calen Powell..

Johnson is biggest surprise of the early cuts, he appeared like a probable third TE on the roster.. He sprained his ankle in the Jets game and was not able to get back on the field last week..

The release of Jones ensures John hall the kicking job.. Lonie’s release doesn’t mean Derrick Frost was won the punting job, the team can carry players through Tuesday at 4PM, meaning they can bring in another punter to compete if they choose..

Kevin Simon was a 7th round pick out of Tennessee, He did not play in any of the Redskins pre-season games dealing with an abdominal injury.. He is the first draft pick released… Antuan Edwards was an 8 year veteran brought in two weeks ago..

The Redskins have to get the roster down to 75 by Tuesday.. Currently they have 76 players on their roster unless they bring in some new players tomorrow.. If the roster stays the same, they will have to cut one more Tuesday..


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