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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Duckett in DC

The Redskins completed the three way trade which brings TJ Duckett to Washington.. The draft pick dealt to Denver won’t be finalized until the season is over.. It’s convoluted but there has been a value assessed to the compensation that Denver will ultimately receive.. So the team’s could end up swapping spots in the first round to complete the deal, or Washington could end up owing Denver a pick if say both team end at different spectrums of the draft following the upcoming season.. It’s possible the Skins could deal a 3rd round pick.. Duckett is in the final year of his contract..

Ladell Betts is in the final year of his contract and there had been hints of a possible contract extension…

RB Rock Cartwright said he was shocked when he heard the news but that he received calls from Ladell Betts, Earnest Byner and Joe Gibbs who all told him about it before it became public.. He said he’ll continue to prove himself again and again, that hard work pays off and if he has to be the special teams standout as he’s been the last couple of years, he’ll continue doing so..

RB Clinton Portis said that also “can be a bruiser” like Duckett.. And that he is not in the business of questioning anything anymore.. He told me he is done ranting and raving about anything, that he understands his role, he’s the player and they are the coaches and whatever they decide is fine..

Gibbs says that the depth chart has not yet been determined outside of the fact that the team is expecting Clinton Portis to remain the starter, hopefully the first game.. The team has not begun discussions about potentially locking up Duckett long term.. Gibbs did say he can envision a roster that has Betts, Cartwright, Portis and Duckett on the roster, he called Cartwright and Betts and spoke to them separately last night and told them they remain important parts of the team and that they are expected to continue to have roles on the team..

Gibbs also said talks on this deal nearly broke down numerous times over the past couple of days without elaborating…

WR Atevius Cash was released to make room on the roster for Duckett..

Assistant coach Don Breaux has undergone hernia surgery today.. He will remain hospitalized for a couple of days and is expected to return home by the weekend.. The team hopes he will be able to rejoin them next week… Breaux likely will not make the trip to New England.. He’s been dealing with stomach pain for some time, Joe Gibbs said the surgery went well and that Breaux is doing OK..

Joe Gibbs was seen joining the D-linemen for their daily agility drills.. He did the walk kicking each leg up one by one as high as he could.. The linemen gave him pretty good grades for his effort.. Gibbs said he was just trying to lighten the mood a little bit..

WR David Patten returned to practice after missing yesterday with a bruised thigh..

Those who did not participate in practice: RB Clinton Portis (shoulder), CB Shawn Springs (abdominal), T Jim Molinaro (knee), LB Kevin Simon (abdominal), DE Phillip Daniels (back), DT Cornelious Griffin (knee), TE Robert Johnson (ankle)

Jon Jansen has passed a pre-season test coaches performed on him during the exhibition season.. Al Saunders wanted to see if Jansen was back to his old self by not adding any extra help in blocking schemes.. Saunders said he has passed with flying colors… Jansen told me he is very proud of the season he had a year ago saying he believes very few would have tried to play with two broken thumbs.. He also said he wants to assure coaches that not only are his hands healthy but he is ready to be put back on the island…

This was a similar test the team did with Mike Sellars who they handed the ball off to during the Jets games.. Saunders wanted to gauge Sellars running ability with the goal of splitting Clinton Portis wide during the season in order to spread the defense and give Portis a spell without taking him off the field…


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