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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22-- Duckett Rumors Not Denied

The Redskins are not denying interest in the trade rumors.. Joe Gibbs would not specifically discuss the TJ Duckett rumor written in the Atlanta Journal Constitution saying that “calls are made from this office and we receive. People are just trying to cover their bases.” Gibbs also said he likes Stephen Davis but nothing appears imminent.. It is my belief that David Patten is not currently on the trade market.. The Falcons are trying to receive a player in return, potentially a #3 WR or a safety.. If Patten won’t be dealt, the Skins may not have what Atlanta wants..
Gibbs says he likes his current group of running backs and that the Clinton Portis injury, according to the doctors is not one that will linger into the regular season.. He believes the type of separation involved is one that is better then others, not involving the top of the shoulder, which apparently can have lasting effects..

Portis was present for the walk through, he of course is still not in pads and remains a ways away from actually practicing..

CB Shawn Springs was in the building, but he remains out of practice recovering from the abdominal surgery..

WR David Patten missed practice after suffering a thigh bruise in practice, he is questionable for the game with the Patriots..

Others who missed practice today: T Jim Molinaro (knee), DT Cornelious Griffin (knee), DE Phillip Daniels (back), TE Robert Johnson (ankle), LB Kevin Simon (abdominal)

LB Khary Campbell returned to practice after missing Monday with a bruised knee..

P David Lonie will take the first half kick offs and punts in the NE game as the punting competition continues.. Special teams coach Danny Smith said that no decision has been made on that front.. he also said no determination has been made about who will do kick offs during the regular season.. The original plan was to have the punter do it.. John Hall is capable, but the team is hoping to avoid having him do so to protect his leg for field goals… It will be dependent on whether or not the punter selected for the team can get the right distance and hang time..
Smith also said he is comfortable with the group he has despite the special teams breakdowns of a week ago but said that he learned a lot about the mixed and matched personnel he used last week..

Intensity remains high at practice, for the second straight day the team had a fully padded practice.. This was a first since camp began.. Also the amount of reps have increased dramatically.. Mark Brunnell said the team discussed their effort level in the Jets game and it is something that everyone believes won’t carry over from this point forward..


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