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Monday, August 14, 2006

August 13-- Redskins-Bengals, Portis Hurt, Plane and team are out of gas

RB Clinton Portis suffered a subluxation of his shoulder tackling a Bengals cornerback after an interception.. It basically means that his shoulder popped out and went back in.. His arm was in a sling and he will be re-evaluated in the next couple of days.. The team is hoping privately that he will be ready by opening day..

LB Chris Clemons suffered a grade 3 sprain on the MCL in his left knee.. He will not likely need surgery but will be out at least a few weeks..

RB Kerry Carter suffered a torn ACL and MCL, his season is over, he will undergo surgery to repair the ligaments after the swelling goes down..

LB Spencer Havner suffered a sprained elbow, he is day to day.

The Redskins at one point were down 2-nothing bad had given up negative nineteen yards.. Turnovers were a killer as all 3 quarterbacks who played threw a pick, Todd Collins was nearly intercepted a second time and he also gave up a safety when he was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone.. Collins had the roughest night of the 3 Skins QB’s, 6 of 13 68 yards, an interception and the safety allowed.. He settled down in his latter series, but his night was overall poor..
Skins lose 19-3.. This was the first pre-season game between the two in Cincinnati since 1982 and the Skins first visit to Paul Brown stadium since it opened in 2000..

Mark Brunnell threw an interception (the play was where Portis got hurt when he tackled the Bengals corner back) on the team’s first drive, he ended up 4 of 9 for 66 yards.. The big play was a circus catch by Brandon Lloyd on a 27 yard pass play on the team’s first drive…

Jason Campbell played the entire second half, he finished 9-15 for 99 yards and one interception.. His big play was a 44 yard catch over the middle to rookie tight end Buck Ortega..

The starting defense was dominant.. They held the Bengals to minus 19 yards through three series of the first quarter, only one first down, 4 negative yardage plays in the first three series..

The Skins managed only 30 yards rushing, averaging under 1 and a half yards per carry..

The chartered flights to and from Cincinnati were a story in themselves.. The pilot wouldn't leave from Dulles on Saturday afternoon because he believed the bags on board hadn't been screened properly.. He was finally convinced..

The trip back last night though takes the cake.. We sat on the runway for about an hour because the plane didn't have enough fuel on it to carry the weight on board to DC.. Eventually, we left, flew to Indianapolis, refueled and then flew to DC.. We landed after 5AM! Why we couldn't get gas in Cincinnati is beyond me..

Earlier in the day, I placed my bag on the team bus before heading to the stadium, the driver proceeded to pull me aside to warn me that dogs will be sniffing my bags before they get loaded on the plane.. Apparently, I look like a drug dealer..


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