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Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10-- Lefotu is stabile, Vinny looking for a Tackle

Rookie OL Kili Lefotu was moved from Loudon County Hospital where he was initially observed on Wednesday night to the Virginia Hospital Center where team doctors continue to run tests on him to find out the cause of his episode before Wednesday night’s practice.. Lefotu was not completely unconscious when the found him, in fact he called the operator at the NCC (the dorm where the team is staying) to tell someone he was feeling sick and to call 911.. Security officials, paramedics and team trainers got to the dorm around the same time.. When they got to Lefotu in his room he was not completely passed out, but eventually blacked out.. Lefotu told team trainers today that he doesn’t remember much..
The initial series of tests on him came back negative.. Trainers were worried he suffered a seizure, but there is no certainty if that occurred.. Lefotu is stabile and talkative, but at this point, there has been no determination as to why this happened.. he will remain in observation as tests continue.. The episode was not heat related according to trainers..

CB Ade Jimoh suffered a slight cartilage separation in the sternum region when he was hit by Rock Cartwright on a play two days ago.. He will not play in the Cincy game this week.. The team hopes he’ll return to the field next week..

Those who did not practice today: LB Kevin Simon (abdominal strain), S Curry Burns (hamstring), RB Jesse Lumsden (hip flexor), WR Taylor Jacobs (groin), DT Anthony Montgomery (hamstring), DE Nic Clemons (knee contusion), T Jim Molinaro (knee), DB Aric Williams (undisclosed)..

Back-up G Ike Ndukwe injured his right ankle during practice and had to have it re-taped.. There was no word if this will keep him out this weekend..

Lou Holtz wrote in his upcoming book, “Wins Losses and Lessons” that he was offered the Redskins coaching vacancy in 2001 before Marty Schottenheimer was hired.. Vinny Cerrato told me that this is an exaggeration, that Dan Snyder and the Skins front office went to South Carolina to meet with Holtz to talk about other coaching candidates but never in fact offered him the job..

Cerrato says the team remains in search of potential help along the offensive line.. he says he has some teams earmarked for potential releases later this month in the hopes of adding O-line depth for the team…

Joe Gibbs called Taylor Jacobs a good worker and someone who is unlucky in injuries, but made it very clear that in his case, as in the case of any player with job uncertainty, being able to make every practice is imperative to having a shot at keeping a job..

I talked to Gibbs following his press conference this afternoon and talked about his changing role of not running the offense two weeks into camp.. He continued to describe it as “different.” Asked if he enjoyed it, he called camp “hectic” and that it has freed him up to do some other duties he had no more time for.. he says he doesn’t have the feeling like he wants to stand behind Al Saunders and put in his two cents constantly, but during meetings following practice, he adds things “whenever I want.” And that so far the relationship seems to be working very well, he continued to call it “the best set up for the team.”

Gregg Williams said Chris Clemons making this team is very much reliant on him performing so well on special teams that coach Danny Smith fights for him when cut time comes.. Williams said those who play significant numbers of defensive snaps have to contribute on 3 of the four return/coverage units.. He said those who play less defensive downs have to be part of all four units.. He says, if you become an integral part of the teams units, “then we’ll find some place for you on the defense.”
As for playing time in Cincinnati, Williams was non-committal other then to say his main players will get a good amount of snaps that will be based on how long Cincy drives are..

Todd Collins will be taking the first snaps after Mark Brunnell is taken out of the Cincy game.. Jason Campbell will then take the first second team snaps the following week against the Jets..

Gibbs called the camp of back Kerry Carter, “very impressive” and that we will see a lot of him this weekend.. The Redskins have some very interesting decisions to make at back having had strong efforts from 4th and 5th stringers Carter and Canadian Jesse Lumsden..

Derrick Dockery lost 20 pounds this offseason working out with new trainers in Atlanta.. he says he feels much better this camp then in previous ones, faster, lighter on his feet and not concerned this time with losing weight but solely working on technique.. Chris Samuels said he has seen a big difference in his play this camp…

LB Rocky McIntosh laughed when asked if Gregg Williams is a different guy then the one he met at camp saying he “tricked me a little bit” but said Williams was up front and honest with him that this would be hard for him to grasp.. McIntosh said coaches want him to slow down to take in the defense more, a thing he isn’t accustomed to.. He said this D is much different then the one he ran at Miami, but that the veterans have been very helpful with his development..


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