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Monday, December 26, 2005

December 26-- Brunnell OK

QB Mark Brunnell has a grade one sprain of the MCL in his right knee.. The swelling in the knee was very limited and for the most part things are structurally sound.. Joe Gibbs said the worry was due in part because the knee was "loose" on Saturday, but he says that his knee is perpetually "loose" due to numerous surgeries on it in the past.. He wears a brace on this knee.. Brunnell is day to day but likely will not be practicing on Wednesday..
Joe Gibbs praised the effort of Patrick Ramsey and said nothing will be changed in terms of how the offense will be structured if Ramsey ends up playing..

Gibbs expressed his usual extreme apprehention about playing the game against the depelted Eagles.. The Skins realize that they must win to ensure a playoff spot.. If Washington defeats Philly, they will be a wild card team at worst, NFC East champ if the NYG lose at Oakland, that game is Saturday night so the Skins will know if they have a shot at the division before kickoff.. Dallas hosts St. Louis and does not kick off until 8:30 PM thus the Skins will have to believe they remain in must win..

G Ray Brown allowed the Redskins run game to "not miss a beat" according to one source at Redskins Park.. The team admits limitations in what Brown can do in terms of pulling that Randy Thomas was so adept at, however from the interior blocking psoition, Brown performed extremely well..

RB coach Earnest Byner says Clinton Portis has reached a certain maturation point that he is starting to understand the Redskins system better and better.. Portis admitted a couple of weeks back that he showed up here thinking he knew it all and didn't listen to then first year coach Earnest Byner as much as he should have.. Portis changed his mindset and Byner said what has happened in the last month has been the result of the hard work.. Joe Gibbs says he appreciates Portis's play on Sundays, "as much as he wants to get out of practice" and that he is now on "a mission" playing his best ball at just the right time for the team..
On the weekly costume shows: Gibbs said he doesn't mind it because Portis never says anything bad about the opposing team and it's just part of his personality..

Gibbs reiterated how much he likes free agency, preferring it to the draft, he likes having the ability to evaluate players who have done it on this level as opposed to the draft, where "how many times have you seen a guy come from college and bust out."


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