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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 14-- Skins Playing Injury game

Skins return to practice with numerous injuries however play a little cat and mouse game with Dallas, notorious to not say much about their injury issues.. Dallas this week listed only one player on the injury report, rookie DE Chris Canty (ankle) probable..

The Redskins listed seven: LB LaVar Arrington (thigh) did return to practice today and is probable, WR James Thrash, also returning to practice for the first time in 4 weeks (hamstring) probable.. CB Carlos Rogers (biceps), CB Shawn Springs (back/groin) and CB Walt Harris (calf) were all out of Wednesday's practice all listed however as probable.. S Matt Bowen missed practice with a bruised knee, also probable.. T Chris Samuels mildly sprained the MCL in his knee and has a sprained ankle as well (the ankle the team believes is more serious) was held out of practice but like everyone else is listed as probable..
This is the first time the Redskins sentiment about it a certain few didn't quite have the same reflection on the injury report, but it is Dallas week..

DE Phillip Daniels said that Dallas was one of the teams that max protected against Washington, he attributes this to the reason the Skins have had trouble maintaining a pass rush, he says the last few weeks when the sacks and turnovers have returned have come against teams who did not max protect.. Drew Bledsoe was on fire last week, 332 yards, 3 scores, he went 21 of 36 against the Skins in week 2 but was not sacked and had no interceptions..

Mark Brunnell reminded everyone that the Redskins offense did nothing for the game's first 56 minutes before the miracle comeback in Dallas, he believes the offensive line did not have their best day, opting not to elaborate but said he thinks the linemen would agree they have to do a better job against the Dallas front.. Brunnell did not want to be any kind of focus for the game saying "It's the Washington Redskins versus the Cowboys, we have to win." Brunnell is on pace to throw more passes this year then any year since 2000, his completion percentage four of the past five has been 64 percent or higher but he hasn't cracked 200 yards passing in five weeks, partially blamed on the depleted receiving core, and partially due to the more conservative approach in the form of run formations utilized in recent weeks..

Keyshawn Johnson says the Dallas players aren't all that caught up in the rivalry, they believe as the Redskins do that this is a do or die game.. Johnson talked a little about his career with us saying he wouldn't trade it in for anyone's, he is satisfied with the course of his NFL career, he believes he has been misjudged by the media for a number of years.. he also says he wouldn't want to play for any other coach then Bill Parcells, who he described as mean, but the type of mean that's good, the kind that makes you want to compete hard..


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