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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15-- 3 signed, 3 released, Springs out 3-6 weeks

CB Shawn Springs underwent surgery in Durham, NC to have an abdominal muscle reapired that is attached to the pubic bone.. He will be out 3-6 weeks.. Joe Gibbs said he did not have to have the procedure done now, but that Springs had been complaining about soreness in his groin region and the team felt it was best to address it now so it won't affect him in the season.. The team is not sure is the injury is related to the back and groin issues he dealt with at the end of last season..

Newly acquired CB Mike Rumph was at practice but was not allowed to participate because Taylor Jacobs had not cleared his physical with the 49ers before Skins practice started.. He is expected to be in uniform tomorrow assuming all goes well with the physical.. Rumph said he believes his injury issues are behind him, limited to five games over the past two seasons, most recently he had a torn muscle in his foot forcing him out of the Niners final 13 games.,. Gibbs said Rumph came highly recommended by some of the other University of Miami players on the roster, Gibbs did quip that the U guys don't always say to sign a free agent former teammate..

The team waived LB Chris Clemons, he will be available to sign with other teams when his knee is healthy..
The team also released safety Ben Emmanuel...
The Redskins placed RB Kerry Carter on IR after he tore two knee ligaments in the Cincy game..

Washington signed three players, LB Jeff Posey who is an 8 year veteran, this is his sixth team, he said he wanted to come to Washington due to the familiarty of the defense having played under Jerry Gray and Gregg Williams.. Posey said he was also speaking with the Jets and Saints, he said his decision took a while to make because "I like to pray on decisions like this."
OL Spencer Folau has been out of the league since last summer when he was released by New Orleans.. He played for the Saints, Dolphins and Ravens in his 8 year career..
RB AJ Harris was at Redskins rookie camp, he was signed to replace Carter on the roster..

DE Phillip Daniels suffered back spasms in practice, he was forced to leave early...

Guys who did not practice: RB Clinton Portis (shoulder), CB Shawn Springs (surgery for abdonial muscle tear), T Jim Molinaro (knee), T Chris Pino (shoulder) he won't practice tomorrow but is hopeful to return on Thursday, LB Kevin Simon (abdominal), S Curry Burns (hamstring), T John Alston (left knee), WR Atevius Cash (hamstring), DE Nic Clemons (knee), CB Ade Jimoh (sternum), DB Aric Williams..

RB Jesse Lumsden was back at practice but participated only in indiviual drills, he has a sore hip flexor..

Dt Anthony Montgomery was back at practice after missing all of last week with a hamstring injury..

T Kili Lefotu practiced for the first time since he had what may have been a seizure last week at the dorm where the players are staying.. Lefotu said he has little memory of what happened, only that he had a headache and the next thing he remembers was waking up in a hospital.. Lefotu also said that he doesn't believe that he called the operator the night he had his episode and that the operator told him no calls were made from his room, that refutes the team saying he did notify security at the NCC that he wasn't feeling well.. There still has been no cited cause, and Lefotu said he is still waiting for test results himself.. He said he was very nervous about taking the field so soon after what he described as the scariest moment of his life...

Clinton Portis said the injury he suffered will not deter how he plays the game which is very physical.. He did say next time he's in a pre-seaosn game though and a guy gets an interception, he might let that guy run the other way.. But in a regular season game, he'd do the same thing..
Earnest Byner told me that he's been telling Ladell betts for 3 years that he can and should be a starter and that now that he has the opportunity, he believes he will be ready to take over.. There is no panic over Portis being out, although the sentiment clearly is the faster he's back, the better.. Portis said the main discomfort he feels is when he is trying to get comfortable to sleep at night.. He also said he has been trying some minor rehab now and that causes some pain.. Betts is in the final year of his contract, he recently fired his agent and the team is interested in talking with him about a contract extension but that process will not start at least until the end of the pre-season..

Yesterday was the final public practice, and it was a day when a lot of players and team personnel brought their children to work.. One 3 year old pulled a fire alarm as practice ended.. The fire statikon had to reset it.. It blared for about 15 minutes..

There was also one fan who was in the building wearing a Redskins hat and a Lavar Arrington Giants jersey.. Now that took some balls.. A couple of administrators said something to him but there is no incident to report..

Practice highlight, first 11-11 play, Mark Brunnell hits David Patten streaking behind the confused coverage of Carlos Rogers and Pierson Prioleau for a would be 80 yard touchdown.. Jason Campbell looked particularly sharp, one of his best outings of the summer..

On Taylor Jacobs: Joe Gibbs said he now gets a fresh start and he feels bad that all of tyhe injuries limited his ability to take advantage of the opportunities in Washington.. He said he thinks a lot of Jacobs and he hopes things work out for him with San Francisco summing it up by saying "it just didn't work out."

The public portion of training camp ended..


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