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Monday, December 19, 2005

December 19-- Ray Brown to Start at G

G Randy Thomas had surgery for a fractured fibula on Monday evening.. He will be in a cast when he is released from the hospital for about 6 weeks, at that point a screw will be removed from the leg, a plate and second screw stay in.. he will then need about 6-8 weeks of rehab, the team hopes he will be ready when they have mini-camp next Spring..

Ray Brown will start in place of Thomas on Saturday against the Giants.. Brown is in his 20th and potentially final season as an NFL player.. Joe Gibbs admits some of the pulling he has done effectively with Thomas may have to be "tweaked," meaning potentially eliminated..
Gibbs says Thomas's roster spot will likely be taken by someone on the practice squad.. The Redskins have two O-linemen currently on the P-squad..

Other injury notes: CB Carlos Rogers has a torn biceps muscle, the team is working toward getting the swelling out and gaining range of motion.. He is very questionable for this weekend's game..
Trainers praised the effort of CB Shawn Springs who gutted out a strained groin and lower back injury to play.. He did not worsen his consition in the Dallas game and is expected to play Saturday..
CB Walt Harris has a strained calf, he alos did no further damage playing this past weekend and is expected to go on Saturday..
LB LaVar Arrington had a workout Monday at the Park with trainers.. He is said to have a better range of motion in his leg and is expected to be able to play..
WR James Thrash is expected to do more in practice this week then last and is expected to play against the NYG..
DT Cornelious Griffin has a mildly sprained shoulder, should be OK.. RB Clinton Portis suffered a bruised lower back and was kicked again in his sore shin, but is expected to be OK..
T Chris Samuels made it through the game fine on his arthritic and sprained ankle and mildly sprained knee, he should play this weekend.. T Jon Jansen continues to receive treatment on one of his broken thumbs, surgery remains a possibility in the offseason, but he will play..
S Matt Bowen has a swollen bursa sac on his knee, the swelling has moved into other parts of his leg, he is questionable..
DE Renaldo Wynn (injuries not disclosed) was said to have made it throguh the game with no issues.. DT Joe Salave'a (foot) also did not reaggravate his injury..
WR Santana Moss suffered a bruised shoulder, but is expected to be fine..
DT Ryan Boschetti has a sprained knee, missed the game on Sunday and is questionable this weekend..

The Skins placed TE Robert Johnson on IR over the weekend to make room for practice squad CB Dimitri Patterson.. Asked how Johnson wasn't on any injury report but then went to IR, Gibbs and Head athletic trainer Bubba Tyer said Johnson has an arthritic ankle and it got stepped on in practice and it "hobbled" him.. His injuries will be looked over by the league to ensure he was injured and had to be placed on IR thus to avoid any potential controversy over the Skins stealing a roster spot..

Joe Gibbs said during the Joe Gibbs show that he ate with owner Dan Snyder in the owner's box after the win on Sunday night and praised Snyder for his passion and his wherewithall to do anything financially necessitated to win.. Then Gibbs said Dan even did something that made him spend some money that "I can't talk about." He did not elaborate..

On the 1st NYG game: "I thought we were ready to play. I thought we prepared well but for some reason we got dominated."
Gibbs said he is extremely concerned about this weekend's game not just because of the result the last time the two played but due to his team's big win, reminding everyone the 36-0 loss in NY came the week after a 52-17 win over SF..

Gibbs cleared up any misunderstandings about whether he shook Bill Parcells hand after the game.. he said Parcells seemed upset as the two made their way midfield and he waved to him, it appeared as if Parcells was heading straight to the locker room, then he veered back toward midfield, where Gibbs shook his hand and told him he hoped his injured player was OK..

Gibbs was also asked about the stadium decision to start playing, "Momma's Don't let you babies grow up to be Cowboys," over the PA system during the waning moments of the win.. Gibbs appeared to have tried to signal to the people running the song to turn it off.. The only comment he gave about it was: " We want to win the right way and lose the right way."

Gibbs said the team got determined to run the ball more often and more effectively after the Oakland game where he says they regret the pass heavy game plan.. The team has rushed the ball extremely effectively ever since..

The Redskins did not practice on Monday and will not on Tuesday, Wednesday will be a long preparation day accoring to Gibbs, Thursday is expected to be normal, with Friday's practice TBA due to the short work week.. He said the extra rest is merited this time of year even with the shortened work week..

The Redskins are in the playoffs if they win their fianl two games, at worst as a wild card, at best as NFC East champ.. Should they win their final two, they would need an NYG loss at Oakland to win the East and get a first round home playoff game.. As things stand now, the Redskins would be the last team to make the playoffs.. They are tied in the standings with Minnesota, Dallas and Atlanta but hold tiebreakers over all due to their 8-2 conference record..


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