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Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25-- Skins Pick will be...

The Redskins are not moving up in this weekend's draft unless somehow, someway the deal involves a convoluted way of getting one of the three primary receivers possibly available: Roy Williams, Chad Johnson or Anquan Boldin.. My guess is no deal involves them moving up under any such scenario, so lets assume they stay or move down..

The pick at 21 tells us everything we need to know about their confidence that either Boldin or more likely Johnson is a Skin by the start of training camp.. Should the Skins go with Oklahoma WR Malcolm Kelly with the 21st pick, then they are saying that they are convinced Cincinnati is not going to deal Johnson despite his proclamations most recently that the Bengals "will not win this war."

If the Skins take Clemson defensive end Phillip Merling who they went and watched work out at an unusual last minute field session yesterday, then that tells you that the believe Johnson is still in play.. Or if they select CB Aqib Talib or should the Florida's D end Harvey somehow be available, again same thought process..
Even with a selection of Merling, the Skins have three more picks in the second and third rounds, enough to likely land a receiver maybe even Limas Sweed of Texas should he fall into the second round with injury concerns.. Even then, I don't think that selection would be a sign that Washington thinks Ocho Cinco is out of play..
The deal then become a post June one, likely closer to training camp deal where Cincinnati likely deals Johnson for next year's first rounder and likely a second pick, quite possibly the third offerd whivh could escalate to an '10 first rounder with performance levels reached..

As for the rest of the draft.. The Skins will take at least one interior O-lineman likely in he first three rounds, likely a defensive tackle in the first three rounds and defeinitely a quarterback late to develop behind Jason Campbell looking at a possible long term future when the team finally parts ways with Todd Collins after two more seasons..
If there is a young punter worth looking at, I would suggest that selection in the latter rounds as well.. They have 3 seventh rounders, likely few will make the team so why not take the shot on a possible punter to groom..

OK men..


Blogger Give Me Some Skins said...

All I know is that CHAD'S MOUTH is not going to fun to defend in the bar. If he comes to DC it'll be just like NEON DEON. The fans will not embrace a jackass.

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